Burn it, don't sell it.

So why go through all this trouble to emphasize these burn mechanics? The primary benefits of $CINDR's unique advanced burnenomics (tm) are threefold:

1) No transaction fees on burns

By opting to burn your tokens through the contract, holders can effectively "sell" without facing the any associate taxes or DEX fees

2) No negative effects on chart or token price

Normal AMM sells involve a holder swapping their tokens for the ETH in a liquidity pool, which often involves exorbitant price impact and negatively affects the chart, overall morale, and most importantly, the price of all tokens in circulation

Our mechanism provides a substantial buffer against sell pressure by offering an alternative to selling into the LP, helping keep money flows positive.

3) Deflationary supply

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Our mechanism features a "true burn," wherein the tokens burned are actually removed from circulation. This ensures an ever decreasing, scarce supply which increases the value of remaining tokens.

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